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Help us shape Wairarapa 

Resting at the foot of the bush-clad Tararuas, Wairarapa is a productive farming district supported by a network of vibrant rural communities. Its 130km of rugged coastline attracts fishing folk and moviemakers from around the world. Wherever you are, you’re bound to be within day-tripping distance to a swimming hole, a native bush walk, or a quaint town offering a first-rate fine wine and dining experience. 

The Plan and Me

The revised plan will influence how you live in Wairarapa so your input is important. Along with doing the research and gathering advice from industry professionals, iwi and other key stakeholders, we are keen to keep you up to speed and have your feedback before we crystalise the new plan.

What is it you love most about Wairarapa? 

The District Plan Review is your chance to help us shape its future.

We’re updating it to ensure we can continue to live and work and grow while protecting the things in Wairarapa that we value the most.

The District Plan Review needs you

Have you ever wondered why Queen Street has no malls or flashing billboards? Or why that new subdivision down the road got the go-ahead? Why aren’t there any fast food outlets in Martinborough’s Town Square? Is it possible for me to extend my bach at Te Kopi?

And what about the future? Should these rules still apply? Do you have a view on rural lifestyle development/subdivision in rural areas, particularly in areas with highly productive land? And how tall and what density should we allow for new housing in existing residential areas?’

Our District Plan contains rules which were written ten years ago to manage development and reflect community values. It’s time now to check in to see whether any of these rules need to be updated.  We want to know what’s important to the community now and in the future. See also the 'How can I get involved' section.

Take a look at the Proposed District Plan here.

How is the District Plan relevant to me?

A District Plan impacts almost everything you do across our district, and how you do it. It sets out:

  • whether you can run a business from home
  • how much noise you or your neighbour can make
  • whether your property is at risk from present or future natural hazards
  • what you can build on your property and where
  • what kind of business can operate next door to you
  • whether you or your neighbour can subdivide land and for what purpose
  • how our indigenous biodiversity and cultural and natural and historical heritage are to be managed and protected
Wairarapa Combined District Plan Review
Wairarapa Combined District Plan Review

What should Wairarapa of tomorrow look like?

Our district is continuing to grow. Healthy communities need access to infrastructure, resources, services and public transport. A key tool for designing a district that functions well is its District Plan. 

We have brought a Proposed Plan to you which sets out how we’re going to provide for more people while preserving the things we love the most about this place. 
But to ensure we get it right, we need to know what’s important to you. 
Have we struck the right balance? It’s important to make these kinds of decisions alongside our communities so we can all benefit in the long term.

Wairarapa Combined District Plan - The Plan & Me

How can I be involved?

The Proposed District Plan submission period has concluded. You can view the summary of submissions, original submissions and further submissions received on the Proposed District Plan here.

The next step is the hearings process. Further information will be issued soon.

The Draft district Plan feedback submissions closing 6th dec 5:00PM