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The Draft district Plan feedback submissions closing 6th dec 5:00PM
the Proposed District Plan

Submissions Database

Summary of Decisions Requested

This page contains all the information on notification of the Summary of Decisions Requested (Summary of Submissions), including where to find the summaries and original submissions and information on how to make a further submission.

The Proposed District Plan was notified over a nine-week period from 11 October 2023 until 19 December 2023.

241 submissions were received, containing 3757 submission points. The submissions can be found below.

List of submitters and contact details - alphabetical order

A further submission period will run from Friday 22 March 2024 through until Tuesday 23 April 2024. This will be an opportunity to support or oppose someone else’s submission. Further details on how to make a further submission are contained here.

The Summary of Decisions Requested are ordered in two different ways to help you navigate them.

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