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The Draft district Plan feedback submissions closing 6th dec 5:00PM
strategic direction

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Strategic Direction

To provide high-level direction for the District Plan and guide the plan direction and decision making at a strategic level, the Proposed District Plan contains a Strategic Direction Chapter setting out Strategic Direction Objectives for Wairarapa.

These objectives are achieved through the policies and methods, including rules, contained in all the other chapters in the District Plan. The objectives in the Strategic Direction Chapter will be particularly relevant when considering plan changes in the future as well as resource consent applications or designations which raise strategic issues.

What are we proposing?

The Strategic Directions Chapter has seven sub-chapters with objectives covering climate change and resilience, historic and cultural heritage, natural environment, rural environment, tangata whenua, urban form and development, and infrastructure.

Objectives relating to the following sub-chapters:

Climate Change and Resilience
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Resilience to natural hazards
  • Water resilience

Historic and Cultural Heritage
  • Protection of heritage values
  • Tangata whenua identity and values

Natural Environment
  • Natural character, landscapes, features, and ecosystems
  • Wairarapa Moana
  • Open space
  • Coastal environment
  • Integrated management
  • Healthy ecosystems

Rural Environment
  • Social and economic wellbeing
  • Productive capacity
  • Highly productive land
  • Character of the rural environment
  • Rural lifestyle

Tangata Whenua
  • Recognition and protection
  • Active participation
  • Use of Māori land
  • Kaitiakitanga

Urban Form and Development
  • Urban form of the Wairarapa
  • Urban growth
  • Urban land supply
  • Infrastructure capacity
  • Vibrant town centres
  • Commercial activities

  • Infrastructure
Wairarapa Combined District Plan Review

Proposed District Plan

At the end of 2022 we consulted on a Draft District Plan and received feedback from the community. We have considered this feedback in preparing the Proposed District Plan which is now open for public submissions.

Do the new rules apply now?

The Operative Wairarapa District Plan still continues to apply for now. Much of the Proposed District Plan won’t apply straight away but some rules do have immediate legal effect. This means these rules apply now and may result in resource consent being required for some activities that were not otherwise required under the Operative Wairarapa District Plan.

Rules that apply now are identified in the Proposed District Plan chapters with a red gavel symbol.

There are no rules in the Strategic Directions Chapter.
If a resource consent is required under the Operative and/or the Proposed District Plan, Council must determine how much weight to give the provisions of each plan, with more or less weight given depending on how far the rules in the Proposed District Plan are through the plan making process.

How to make a submission

The Proposed District Plan is open for submissions for a 9-week period from 11 Oct. 2023 until 19 Dec. 2023.

The Proposed District Plan submission process is a statutory process governed by the Resource Management Act. Submissions must be made in the prescribed form.

Please make your submission by 5:00pm on 19 Dec 2023

Wairarapa Combined District Plan Review