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The Draft district Plan feedback submissions closing 6th dec 5:00PM
Protection of Historic Heritage

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Historic Heritage

Historic heritage comprises natural and physical resources that contribute to an understanding and appreciation of New Zealand’s history and cultures.

Wairarapa’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage is found in:

  • Buildings, features and trees of historic heritage value;
  • Sites of archaeological importance;
  • Sites of significance to Māori, including wāhi tapu;
  • Precincts – areas of buildings or other features that, collectively, have significant historic heritage value.

These historic resources are important as they represent linkages to the past and provide insights into the way Wairarapa’s communities and settlements have developed. They also contribute to the character and amenity values of localities, particularly where there are neighbourhoods containing relatively numerous historic heritage buildings and features.

Protecting our Historic Heritage

District Councils have a responsibility to recognise and provide for the protection of historic heritage from inappropriate subdivision, use and development.

The Councils commissioned a review of the current schedule of historic heritage items and precincts in the operative District Plan. This review concluded that most of the currently scheduled heritage items be rolled over into the Proposed District Plan. Where listed items have significantly degraded and no longer have heritage value, or no longer exist, they are not included in the historic Heritage Schedule.

Wairarapa Combined District Plan Review

Nominating new items for the Heritage Schedule

As part of the feedback phase for the Draft District Plan, we sought nominations for new historic heritage buildings, items or precincts. A formal assessment of the heritage values of those items undertaken and property owners consulted. As a result of this process additional items are proposed to be added to the heritage schedule.

Historic Heritage Chapter

Key differences between the Operative District Plan and the Proposed District Plan include:

  • Demolition of any scheduled heritage building or item is a discretionary activity (requires resource consent).

Different rules apply to scheduled buildings and items, versus scheduled precincts. This change is intended to make interpretation of the rules easier.

Wairarapa Combined District Plan Review