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The Draft district Plan feedback submissions closing 6th dec 5:00PM
the Proposed District Plan

Hearings Information

Hearings on the Proposed District Plan

Hearings are an opportunity for submitters to talk to a hearings panel about their submission on the Proposed District Plan.

Hearings on the Proposed District Plan will take place in the second half of 2024 and first half of 2025.

All documents and recordings of hearings proceedings can be found under the relevant hearing detailed on this page.

Hearing procedures and minutes

Links to hearing procedures and minutes will become available soon

The Hearings Schedule below contains the topics and chapters of each hearing for the Proposed District Plan.

Hearing Schedule

Links to the hearing schedule will become available soon

A panel of elected members and independent commissioners will consider all submissions, Section 42A report recommendations (often referred to as “Officers Reports”), and submitter evidence presented at the hearing.

The Hearings Panel

Links to the hearing panel will become available soon

Following the conclusion of hearings, the hearing panel will deliberate on all the submissions and evidence received. Their decisions will be made available here.


Links to the decisions will become available soon