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The Draft district Plan feedback submissions closing 6th dec 5:00PM
the Proposed District Plan



A designation is land set aside for public works or projects like roads, telecommunications and electricity networks, or schools.

If an area of your property is designated for one of these purposes you cannot make changes to the land without prior written consent of the requiring authority. Examples of requiring authorities include the Councils, the New Zealand Transport Agency and the Minister of Education.  

The Proposed District Plan includes some Notices of Requirement for new designations. It also includes designations that requiring authorities have requested be rolled over from the Operative District Plan into the Proposed District Plan, some with modifications and some with no modifications.

South Wairarapa District Council

  • SWDC - All Notices of Requirement as listed below
  • SWDC-S-18: Lake Ferry wastewater treatment plant, Lake Ferry Road
  • SWDC-S-19: Pirinoa water supply treatment plant, 2677 Lake Ferry Road
  • SWDC-S-20: Featherston wastewater land based disposal, Murphys Line, Featherston
  • SWDC-S-21: Boar Bush reservoir (Featherston treated water supply storage tank), Boar Bush Gully Road, Featherston
  • SWDC-S-22: Greytown Memorial Park water treatment plant, 11 Kuratawhiti Street, Greytown
  • SWDC-S-23: Moroa tailrace water source, Waiohine Gorge Road
  • SWDC-S-24: Martinborough water supply bores and treatment plant, 1579 State Highway 53, Martinborough
  • SWDC-S-25: Martinborough Manganese Reduction Plant, 53 New York street West, Martinborough
  • SWDC-S-26:  Martinborough wastewater land based disposal – Pains Farm, Lake Ferry Road
  • SWDC-S-27: Donald Creek wastewater pumping station, Donald Street, Featherston